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machu picchu tours

Machu Picchu Tours

Visting the old Inca trail and the over 600 years old mountain Inca city, machu picchu tours is a dream come true for a lot of travelers around the world. Considering the unavailability and vegetation machu picchu has been kept intact all this time. So why should you plan a tour to machu picchu? Well as of 1983 UNESCO has machu picchu on their list of new world heritage sites, but let’s check some of the things to see and do when traveling to machu picchu tours.  

Macchu Picchu Tours, Peru, Cusco, UNESCO, INCA

Sightseeing and activities in Machu Picchu Tours

  • Sculptural details of the intihuatana
  • Aguas Calientes
  • Terracing

Inca trail

The inca trail is a fantastic three-day (you can also book a 1-day Inca trail hike) hike and is the most famous hike in all South America and maybe in the entire world. This famous inca trail combines all from subtropical jungle, majestic mountain scenery, cloud-forests, ruins, tunnels, inca paved stones and the hike’s destination is of course the mighty machu picchu.Inca trail, Peru, machu picchu tours

Inca stonework

The Inca stonework certainly was top notch, with perfectly cut stones that fits perfect together. One hypothesis is that the stones were grounded against each other to achieve the perfect fit. A network of roads called the “QhapaQ Nan” or the “Great Inca Road” integrated the empire’s four regions. Today you can follow parts of this road network through six different South American countries.Stonework, Peru, machu picchu tours

Temple of condor

The Temple of Condor is an amazing temple In machu picchu. This temple is conditioned on a natural cave taking advantage of the living rock of the mountain, among them stands a formation that was adapted and shaped to be the wings of a huge bird and beneath them on the ground a huge stone carved in the shape of the head of the Condor bird.Condor, machu picchu tours

Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes or machu picchu Pueblo is a place in the Cusco region in Peru and is located about 6 kilometers from the site of machu picchu, in this small village there are many hotels and restaurants for tourists. This small village is famous for its natural hot baths. Even though the baths were destroyed by floods several years ago they have been rebuilt.

Terracing of Machu Picchu

The agricultural terraces that is scaling down the mountainside like an enormous staircase to heaven is a must see and a thing you probably wont miss when visiting the historical site of machu picchu.Terrace,machu picchu tours

When is the best time of the year for Machu Picchu Tours

The best time of the year to visit this place is between the end of March and October, at this time of the year you are more likely to avoid rainfalls and the huge spike in tourism that occurs in July and August.

What to know before Machu Picchu Tours

  • Strong sun even through the clouds, bring sun block!
  • Cold at night, so pack enough if you’re hiking.
  • Acclimatize yourself to the altitude
  • Requires some level of fitness stamina, at least know that the hiking can be tough.
  • Bring water!
  • Be aware of pickpockets if you are visiting the city of Cusco.


Climb the wayna picchu (if the weather allows) which is the mountain behind macchu picchu before exploring macchu picchu, this mountain is taller and the views of the ruins from above is breathtaking.

If you wanna beat the traffic and explore this place as empty as possible, the best time to go is early in the morning, preferably at dusk even.Wayna picchu, Peru, traveling

More sightseeing in Peru

Peru is a very popular travel destination and while the machu picchu and all things related to it is the most popular travel destination when traveling to Peru this country has so much more to offer including rainforest hiking, the big and pulsating city of Lima and more.

Amazon rainforest

Around 60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon rainforest and after Brazil Peru is the country with the largest amount of rainforest in it. There is lots of different hiking tours you can go on if you wanna visit the amazon rainforest(all from 1 to 3 or more days tours are available).

If you are going to go on one of theese tours and explore the amazon rainforest you should fly from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado since the infrastructure in Peru is rather rough.Amazon Rainforest, Peru

The spectacular Nazca Lines

In the Nazca desert the majestic and also mysterious Nazca Lines are located. The Nazca Lines are anchient geoglyphs picturing different wildlife with a spectacular design. The Nazca Lines sure are one of the great mysteries and while there are several theories about how they were created and why there is no conclusion and it remains a mystery.

You are watching theese fantastic geoglyphs by air which is an adventure in itself.

The capital of Peru, Lima

Lima is a huge city and is the capital of Peru and has alot to offer when it comes to history and culture. Some sightseeing to do when in Lima is to visit the catacombs, cathedrals, museums and also try the traditional Peruvian food culture. If you are more interested in shopping and the nightlife, Lima also has alot to offer.

Be cautious though and make sure you have your valuables at hand since there is like in most cities a problem with pickpocketing. Also avoid certain districts if you are strolling around at night.Lima Peru

Final Words

Peru is one of the most amazing and beautiful countries i visited so far and as a wildlife and nature lover i am i really loved the Amazon rainforest tour, so make sure not to miss this fantastic place when you are in Peru. 

Also if you are a surfer, or interested in surfing and wanna know the best spots in Peru you should check out the town of Manorca, i dont have much information since i did not visit the town myself but i heard rumours and people talking about this town as a major hub for surfers. 

English is not widely spoken in Peru so try to learn some Spanish phrases before your trip, even though the usual hand gestures and English phrases usually does the trick.

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