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4 Best Filtered Water Bottles on Amazon

What to Bring when traveling is a tricky question, you do not want to forget anything important while you still want to travel as light as possible right? There is of course the basic luggage you’re brining with you such as clothes, money, passport and such, but what about other things? Well there is always something you forget to bring with you and then there is items you didn’t even think off that is smart to have with you when traveling to certain countries. This article discuss some best filtered water bottles on amazon.Travel gear

Traveling is all about enjoying different cultures and countries, and the way that they live their lives, it is also sort of adjusting to a different lifestyle, of course if you are traveling with all-inclusive you won’t have to think much at all about any precautions, there are countries more dangerous, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting the country which certainly has a bright and amazing side as well.filtered water bottles

I remember traveling to Jamaica (it really is a paradise) I was told about all the dangers and precautions I had to take to have a safe trip. It is important to know where not to go alone during night, but with common sense there should be nothing to worry about right? Well I had a safe trip to this amazing country, but one thing i was told while visiting Jamaica was that I shouldn’t drink the tap water because it could make me sick, this warning is for a lot of countries on earth and them always advising you to buy plastic water bottles instead.

It got me thinking about the environmental causes of it all, buying plastic water bottles is not good for the environment because every country does not have the highest standard of recycling unfortunately… So, I was thinking what can I as a person do to help the environment at least a little?filtered water bottles

Well it got me researching a lot and I found out there is a great tool to bring with you when traveling instead of buying lots of plastic water bottles, and that is a water bottle with a filter inside it.

It sounds simple and it really is, a filtered water bottle is just like any normal water bottle but with a cleansing filter built in to it, so you can drink tap water safely almost anywhere in the world!

I literally ordered one of these bottles instant and couldn’t wait to try it out next time I was going on a vacation. I say it’s a worth and cheap investment to help reduce the plastic waste in the environment.filtered water bottles

So, what filtered water bottles has the highest quality and is cheap? Well Brita is a good brand, so is Lifestraw and Nalgene, Amazon has a lot of great filtered water bottles. 

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