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Boracay Travel, Philippines

Boracay is a tropical island belonging to the Philippines and is located north of the island of Panay. The population on Boracay is estimated at around 28.000 people as of 2019. The Boracay island and its beaches has recieved numerous awards from different travel agencies and is a very popular travel destination. Traveling to the Philippines and in particular the Boracay has never been better since the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte ordered the island to be closed for tourism for 6 months to “rehabilitate” the island. The island opened up again after the “renovation” in October 2018 and is in it’s best condition yet. Travel to Boracay and experience a great time on your holidays.

This article will give you all the information you need before booking a vacation to this magnificent island. Amazing offers from Viator a TripAdvisor Company

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How to get to Boracay island

First you are flying to the capital of the philippines, Manila. From Manila you can choice to fly to either the Caitclan airport or Kalibo airport, both are good alternatives and the flight from Manila to Boracay takes 1 hour.

Budget while travel to Boracay- Cheap or expensive to live?

As most places in the world you can live cheap or expensive, that is completely up to you. The more activities you do the more your expenses goes up, if you want to eat out on the most fancy restaurants the price will also go up, this is of course the case when traveling to all places around the globe.

Some average costs in Boracay

Hotel prices average between 40 to 80 US dollars depending on how many stars the hotel has. If you wanna go shopping the price for, let’s say Levin jeans is 38-42 US dollars. Going out to restaurants can be pricey, depending on where you wanna eat of course, the average price for a meal on a cheap restaurant is 4.80 US dollars and for a restaurant placed in the middle bracket with three courses of food for 2 persons the price is 23 US dollars. 

The price for beverages, let’s say a local beer is 1.90 US dollars and for imported beer 3.80 US dollars. Coca Cola/Pepsi 1.10 US dollars. For bottled water the price is 0.76 US dollars. Buying beer in a fast buy shop costs 0.72-0.92 US dollars depending on the beer brand. 

The taxi price on Boracay is around 0.28 US dollars/kilometer 

Prices for some of the activities on Boracay

Playing tennis(renting a tennis court) for one hour costs 3.40 US dollars. If you feel like going to the movies the average price is 3.80 US dollars.Tennis, Boracay travel

H0w many days should i spend on the island of Boracay

Depending on the amount of activities and sightseeing your are planning to do when on Boracay, i would say atleast 4-5 days if you wanna enjoy most of the activities here. There is of course no rule on how long you should stay if you just wanna relax and hang on the beautiful beaches.

I wish i could spend years on the beaches of this breathtaking island myself.

Activities on Boracay

Island Hopping

You can easily reach a number of other tropical islands on day trips. Crocodile Island, Magic Island and Crystal Cove are three of the islands you can explore on day trips, there are all sorts of activities when exploring theese islands you can for example explore caves, snorkel with colorful fish and morel.Boracay travel

Scuba diving

If you are a beginner you can easily get your scuba diving certificate on Boracay and most of the scuba diving shops offers the same prices. The best time to go scuba diving on Boracay is from April to July.Boracay travel


While Boracay is not a good surfing spot, it sure is a great spot for windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. The best spot for windsurfing is on the Bulalog Beach located on the east coast of the island. The best time to enjoy windsurfing on the east coast of Boracay is between June and October.Boracay travelCliff Diving

While cliff diving is risky and can be dangerous it sure is a popular activity on Boracay, you can go on alot of different day trip tours where cliff diving will be one of the activities. One of the best and most famous places to cliff diving is Ariel’s Point on the nearby Panay Island, theese diving platforms are properely supervised to ensure the safety for all of the divers at all times. Another great cliff to jump from is Magic Island that is located on the Boracay island itself.

The famous White Beach

One of the best beaches on earth is this 4-kilometer White Beach on Boracay. Crystal clear water and snowy white sand really is one of the paradises on earth and it is just as breathtaking and relaxing as you imagine. Also don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular sunset on White Beach.Boracay travel

When should i visit Boracay

The major tourism season stretches from December to May where the months with the hottest temperatures is March, April and May. From June to December is the “low season” and the monsoon season is from late June to August. I would advice to visit Boracay from early May to June where you can avoid the biggest tourism crowds. The weather is usually great most days apart from cloudy skies though.

Best budget hotels in Boracay

There is alot of great hotels with good prices when visiting Boracay. The Boracay Ocean Club with prices from 55 US dollars or the Crown Regency Beach Resort with prices from 100 Us dollars are great options. Usually the advice is the further away from White Beach the cheaper the hotel is. If you wanna live in one of the more pricey hotels with great location and reviews the Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa is a great choice.

Do not forget the famous Spa/massage treatment when visiting Boracay

There is spa/massage activities for all budgets on Boracay, when i was traveling in The Philippines myself i really enjoyed the spa and massage from my time on the Boracay island. You can book either 30 minutes or an hour for cheap prices depending on the salon of your choice of course.Boracay travel

Mermaid Swimming Academy

If you are feeling to do something out of the ordinary(i absolutely loved it, haha!) the Boracay was actually the first place in the world to open a Mermaid Swimming Academy where you can learn how to swim like a mermaid with a colorful mermaid tail.

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