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2 Great Airplane Travel Accessories

2 Great Airplane Travel Accessories

Tired of not being able to set your flight seat back and take a nap because you flying economy? Yeah… I know the feeling, it hurts and makes you go crazy when sitting on a full airplane for more than ten hours without being able to relax, and the pain you get in your neck doesn’t really help the claustrophobic feeling you’re already having… After three flights like this i decided a change was needed, and since most of us can’t afford to fly first class every time we travel, we must cope somehow. Here are some airplane travel accessories for you.

When checking out for travel accessories on an airplane online I found some great special made airplane pillows on amazon! I bought the “inflatable travel pillow sleep aid” and the more simpler travel pillow customized to support your neck. I’ve had the chance to try the inflatable sleeping aid pillow when flying once and I really like it, if you, like me use your smartphone a lot this pillow is perfect. You can put your face into the pillow and watch a movie or play a game on your phone or iPad without causing any pain to your neck or back. 

When it comes to the simpler travel pillow, I have only used it when I’m at home watching a movie in the couch and so far, I am happy with it because it eases my neck pain.



Inflatable Travel Pillow Sleep Aid

airplane travel accessories

If you’re on a long-haul flight simply pop out your table, place the travel pillow on it, rest your head, sleep.
It’s that easy. No more neck ache, back pain or feeling awful when landing. 

If you dread long road trips because you’ve never slept by the time it’s your turn at the wheel, then this inflatable
pillow will help you drift to sleep; pop it on your knees and rest your head like on a massage table, or for side-
sleepers, cuddle up to it & kiss goodnight – wake up feeling refreshed. 


More than just a travel pillow

  • Clip to your backpack & take camping
  • Half-fill for a comfortably soft hiking trip pillow
  • Fill to a wedge-shape & snuggle up while in a hammock
  • Place on the floor, rest your head in the hole, receive massage
  • Create inflight pillow envy while others struggle with their neck pillows


This is a great pillow that i use alot, not only when flying, i also use it when i’m out hiking and sleeping in a tent or reading a book in a hammock on a hot summer day.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck, Chin, Lumbar and Leg Support

airplane travel accessories


A simple but yet great pillow that can be used for many purposes, great when flying to prevent neck pain, lift up your legs to prevent back pain and help your posture or just lying in your couch watching a movie.


Good for many purposes and can be used to help prevent neck and back pain and to strengthen your posture. 

For the kids

airplane travel accessories


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