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7 Great Airplane Travel Gear

As an avid traveler you fly alot across the world to reach your destinations and that means being stuck in a flight-chair for numerous hours. The feeling off claustrophobia, leg aches and screaming toodlers on the airplane can make even the most veteran traveler annoyed. In this post i will advice you about 7 great airplane travel gear.

Air Travel

Because of this i decided to write an article advicing you guys about some great travel gear to make your next air travel to Sardinia or The Philippines more comfortable.

Here are 7 great airplane travel gear.

Air travel gadgets

Sleep Eye MaskSleep Eye Mask

This great sleeping eye mask blocks all light and is made of a soft fabric to make your naps more comfortable. This eye mask is perfect for longer travels when you need to get some sleep. 


Luggage Tracker Device With AppLuggage Tracker

Worrying about your luggage being misplaced or lost and therefore you are not able to relax on the flight? Worry no more! This luggage tracker comes with an app that helps you track your luggage so you can keep an eye on it at all times, and being able to relax and try to enjoy your flight without having to worry about your packing.

Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

This pillow is easy to carry and bring with you when traveling. Great for air travels when you want to take a nap but cant bring your seat down because of other passengers in the seats behind you. The sleeve is easily removable and washable. 

Portable Travel Footrest-Hammockfootrest hammock

With this goofy looking hammock for your foots you can finally rest your legs and stretch them out if you’re tall.


  • Easy to use-just hanging this traveling footrest to the bracket of the tray table, then put your foot on it.
  • Best traveling accessories-lightweight and mini carry-on Flight foot rests, easy to carry without increase your bag’s burden.

Demi Hugger Travel Luggage StrapLuggage Hugger

If you are like me and always worry about your extra luggage will get lost because you placed it on the ground and just forgot to bring it with you? Then you will love this Luggage strap so you can keep all your luggage in check at once, smart huh?

TSA Luggage Lock(2-Pack)luggage locks

Locks, locks and more locks! You can never be to safe when traveling and whats better than some extra locks? 

SpAIRtray Travel ShelfTravel Shelf

If you are lucky to have the seat next to the window then make sure to use this spAIRtray shelf to make more room for your beverages or snacks. At 12 x 4 x . 25 inches this portable shelf is easily installed and provides you with some more room for your next air travel. 


Theese great travel gear will make your usually painful air travels abit more stress-free and most importantly more comfortable. So go ahead and grab any of theese great gadgets before going on your next trip.



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